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Add:Naoli Industrial Park,Changyuan county, the city of Xinxiang


About us

Headquartered in the Changyuan county central China, known as the hometown of cranes and hoists ,which makes up of 70% of total output in the industry. 

1.Our Business ,

China Kuangshan(group) Crane Co. Ltd.  is the leading OEM manufacturer and service provider of lifting and handling products ,mainly,Double Girder / Single Girder EOT cranes,Bridge cranes, HOT cranes,Portal cranes,suspension cranes ,Under-running EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Semi Gantry Cranes, JIB cranes, Light Crane Systems, Workstation cranes, Monorail Cranes, and Special Cranes with all purposes,and all kinds of crane components (like hook block,crane wheel,end carriages ,rope drum,sheaves,kbk crane kits,crane bumper buffer)etc, We also deliver all kinds of lifting tools, including magnet, C hook, coil and slab tong, grab bucket, crab, weighing system, etc.  

2.Our Facilities&Staff :

The total floor space of the group is 600,000 m2, including the building area 50,000 m2. The total assets is over 60,000,000 USD, of which the existing fixed assets USD 30,000,000.The anural income is over 100,000,000 USD. The total staff now is over 2000, including 15 senior engineers , 95 assistant engineers and over 1600 experienced and skilled craftsman .

3.Our QD&RD ,

Stringent quality control is maintained at all stages of the manufacture including procurement of raw materials and bought out components. The right combinations of people, R&D, Responsive Service are all combined to a "No-compromise-on-quality attribute to always exceed out customer's expectations". 

4.OUR Marketing .

Our single beam overhead crane has scored No.1 on quantity for continuous 3 years in at home, Meanwhile, the products have been exported to the United States,Australia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, , Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Ethiopia etc. Which have been proved a win-win choice and made every single penny of our clients a sound one 

5.Our Commitment .

In god we trust.By his honor ,you can have our word that we shall meet and exceed your immediate needs and help your company build for your future needs. Our experienced staff look forward to helping you long into the future.

6.OEM&ODM serive offered

We’ve been providing OEM&ODM services to many cranes&hoists manufacturerss(Like SWF  ,GH,STAHL,ZMPC,SANY,DRA) for decades with very trustworthy parts ,our  costabout 90% to 

600% lower that of the euro ones ,50% to 300% lower that  of the Japan or Taiwan made15% to 40%lower than that of the competitors in China ,that’s our Ace card &how our business

 partner get more competitive.